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Flavors To Savor

Fall Treats

Tasty Tarot

Chocolate Astrology

  • Chocolate Astrology offers a refreshingly simple, yet shockingly accurate look at astrology and its relationship to everyday life. By relating astrological concepts to our favorite tasty treats, Chocolate Astrology makes complex astrological concepts easy to digest. 

Savory Signs

  • Aries, the first fire sign of the zodiac is  hot and spicy like and bursting with flavor! It is the birth of life force, the will to survive and the inspiration behind all that manifests. The Aries native explodes into our lives like a firey bananas foster or an exploding lava cake with courage and unabahed enthusiasm.
  • Taurus, the first Earth sign of the zodiac, exhausted by the flamboyant expression of Aries energy, longs for a simple home cooked meal topped off with a succulent slightly under baked chocolate cookie.  Comfort food is what Taurus craves. No firlls are needed to satisfy the Taurus native, just slow cooked earthy deliciousness. 
  • Gemini, the first air sign of the zodiac craves light tasty treats like fresh fruit with a dabble of whipped cream and a dip of chocolate sauce. The Gemini native doesn't want heavy foods, but with its duel nature will likely indulge in two of whatever pleases it. The sign of Gemini is  intellectual and is known for it's communication skills. As such, a true Gemini is more likely to share his or her favorite recipes than actually take the time to actually cook a meal. The Gemini would rather leave the cooking to his or her Cancer friends.
  • Cancer, the first water sign of the zodiac, is all about home and security. Cancer is the sign that bakes the apple pie you can't wait to eat! We look t those with a cancer influence in their chart to provide a sense of security, belongingness and family to our lives.

Aromatic Articles

What is an Aspect? 

  •  An aspect is a connection   between planets that exits when they form a specific geometric relationship. Much   like the ingredients in a recipe mixed and measured in specific amounts, planets   form aspects when at specific distances or degrees from one another. A   transiting aspect is an aspect made by a moving planet to a planet in a natal   chart. 
  • Seven common planetary aspects are: conjunction,   semisextile, sextile, square, trine, quincunx or inconjunct and opposition. Planets   conjunct when they are at the same degree. For example, if Venus is at twenty   degrees of Scorpio and Mars is at same, then they are conjunct one another.  Conjunct planets blend energies and create a   dynamic new energy flow.  When Venus   and Mars conjunct, a merging of both male and female energies results. 
  • Semisextile   is an aspect between two planets thirty degrees or one sign apart, and   sextile is an aspect sixty degrees or two signs apart. Semisextile and Sextile   aspects tend to compliment one another because their energies blend comfortably.   Think of planets in fire and air signs like Venus in Aries and Mars in   Gemini. A fiery Aries Mars together with an airy Gemini Venus will create a quite   a dynamic pair.
  • Square plants are ninety degrees or three   signs apart and form a perfect angle. Squares form energy patterns that do   not flow well together. Think of an earthy Taurus Mars and a fiery Leo Venus.   Mars energy wants to stay home and work in the garden and Venus energy wants   to go dancing. Someone or something will have compromise for those square   planets to get along. 
  • Trines occur when planets are one hundred   and twenty degrees or four signs apart. Tines are made up of compatible   energies that exist between different signs. Think of Mars in Cancer and Venus   in Pisces; both planets are in watery, emotional signs. Planets in tine tend   to get on famously and with little effort.
  • The Quincunz or inconjunct aspect is one   hundred and fifty degrees or five signs apart and is made up of energies that   simply don’t understand one another. Planets in Quincunz aspect are each in   different elements and modalities. Think Pisces Moon and Leo Mars; they simply   experience life from totally different points of view.
  • An opposition   is just as it sounds, two planets directly opposite one another. Planets in   opposition are one hundred and eighty degrees or six signs apart. Oppositions   are challenging aspects, always at odds with one another. Think Scorpio Mars   and Taurus Venus; they see the world from a very different point of view,   yet, sometimes feel complete in each others presence.
  • ☌   CONJUNCTION: 0 degrees apart (same location)
      ⚺ SEMISEXTILE: 30 degrees (1 sign) apart
      ⚹ SEXTILE: 60 degrees (two signs) apart sextile
      □ SQUARE: 90 degrees (three signs) apart
    △ TRINE: 120 degrees (four signs) apart
      ⚻ QUINCUNX: 150 degrees (five signs) apart
    ☍ OPPOSITION:   180 degrees (six signs) apart.

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