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Weekly Horoscope



Solar Chart!


The new moon in Libra will kick start a whole new phase in relationships. This combined with venus retrograde should  keep you focused on how best to get along with others!


Venus retrograde in Scorpio opposite Taurus means others may look to you for practical advise about their relationships. Keep your advise simple. Taurus so well understands how enjoying the simple pleasures of life can bring people closer together.


Combine work and pleasure again this week. Now is the time for you enjoy conversations with good friends and enjoy reminiscing about the past!


The new moon in Libra opposite your sun will inspire others to seek you out. 

So invite friends over for dinner or just go out and relax. Enjoy this social time and great conversation. Treasure every moment that it lasts. 


Leo you light up everyones life. Your jovial sense of humor and natural stage presence can be counted on by all to make this new moon in Libra the best one yet!


Virgo, your sign is ruled by mercury and is the planet of communication. So enjoy the new moon in Libra and celebrate relationships with lively conversation.


 The sun is in your birth sign right now and the new moon is as well. Its time to start anew! However, remember that venus is retrograde and will cross your sun sign next month. This means relationships may be more intense than you like them.Don't worry this to will pass!


Venus will  go retrograde in your sign on October 8th.  Its time to reflect on relationship issues from the past. Try not to be so intense. Instead allow relationships to unfold in as natural away as possible! Trying to rewrite the past will only cause more problems the future!


The new moon has you back on your game. Explore and even start new projects as long as they do not disrupt existing relationships!


The new moon may not treat you as kindly as it does others. Allow them time to what they must.  All you need to do is stay focussed  on your own work and productivity.


This week Mars is transiting  the degree at which it went retrograde last June. The energy of Mars is in your sign - so get moving! Use the new moon as a catalyst to begin new projects!


 The new moon  this week will bring  about new beginnings and heal old emotional wounds! Don't wallow in negativity, instead move forward and spread love and healing to all!



There are four elements that each of the 12 signs are part of. The four elements are: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each element represents a type of positive or negative energy that manifests in each person.  These four elements influence character traits, emotions, behavior and thinking. 

Astrology looks to harness these  energies to create positive effects.

Element Signs:

Water Signs are ultra sensitive, emotional and very intuitive. The Water Signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces 

Fire Signs are passionate, dynamic, action oriented. creative, intelligent and temperamental. They are quick to anger and quick to forgive. The Fire Signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Earth Signs are grounded, conservative, realistic, materialistic, practical stable and loyal. The Earth Signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. 

Air Signs are rational, communicative, social, intellectual, friendly, philosophical and analytical.  The Air Signs are: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Love Compatibility


While love compatibility depends on a myriad of things, from a astrologer's perspective signs that share the same element tend to be more inclined to have harmonious relationships because they understand each other better then when paired with a different element.  On the other hand signs in elements that compliment each other such as water and earth or fire or air also make for  interesting relationships. But opposing signs can have the strongest attraction.

These four elements reveal which signs  are most compatible with each other.

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Synastry Astrology  is the study and comparison of two natal charts to determine the quality of a relationship. When evaluating relationships all aspects of a person's chart is reviewed with that of another and a determination can then be made.

Interesting Astro Tidbits


 The secret personalities of the signs are:

  • Aries  Sweetheart
  • Taurus Serious
  • Gemini Control Freaks
  • Cancer  Introverted
  • Leo Nervous
  • Virgo Party Animals
  • Libra Condescending
  • Scorpio Scared
  • Sagittarius Perfectionist
  • Capricorn Embarrassed
  • Aquarius Attention Hog
  • Pisces Insensitive

Dominant Emotions & Feelings

  • Aries adrenaline 
  • Taurus contentment
  • Gemini unhappiness
  • Cancer worry
  • Leo satisfaction
  • Virgo misunderstood
  • Libra love
  • Scorpio heartbreak
  • Sagittarius isolation
  • Capricorn fatigue
  • Aquarius empty
  • Pisces confusion

Words That Irritate The Signs

  • Telling an Aries to calm down.
  • Telling a Taurus they can’t do something
  • Telling  a Gemini that they’re boring
  • Telling a Cancer to leave you alone
  • Telling a Leo that you disagree with their opinion
  • Telling a Virgo inconsequential  complaints 
  • Telling a Libra that they suck
  • Telling a Scorpio to forget about it and get over it.
  • Telling a Sagittarius how to live their life
  • Telling a Capricorn to relax and and loosen up.
  • Telling an Aquarius that they are clueless
  • Telling a Pisces that nothing that they do can help   

About Susan Pleskow


  • Susan Pleskow is an internationally known professional astrologer with over 30 years experience in her field.  From Wall Street to Hollywood, Susan has empowered  clients with her deep understanding of astrology. Moreover, because of Susan’s humor and intellect, she is a popular TV personality, lecturer and author. She is a regular guest on Karyn Reece's show psychic encounters and has predicted many significant events in her client's lives.
  • Susan's interest in astrology, consciousness and psychic phenomena began as a young child. She was drawn to the study of eastern philosophy while  in elementary school .  Susan has studied meditation with the Himalayan Institute  for over twenty years and has been initiated into mantra from a living tradition on three occasions. Her love of meditation has inspired her to deeply study human consciousness and intensely study the ancient science of astrology.
  • Susan is an empath and intuitive and uses these skills to inform her consultations. She often sees visions related to her clients lives and questions while in meditation and/or dreaming. She studied for  over 30 years with the famous psychic, Betty Jane Bagg, and uses her enchanted Tarot cards in her readings. She loves her work and treasures her time helping people to better understand themselves and others.



  • Q: How do you book an appointment?

  • A: Call our office at (716) 435-0208 and one of our reps will assist you.

  • Q: Do you do phone appointments or in-person appointments?

  • A: Susan provides both services.

  • Q: Do you offer a specific type of Astrology Consultation?

  • A: Susan offers several different reports such as Birth Chart, Relationship Chart, Progression Charts, Global Charts, Financial Charts, Career Charts and many others. At the time of your booking you can discuss your goals for your consultation.